What is Subscription Video on Demand(SVOD)?

SVOD is similar to traditional TV packages, allowing users to consume as much content as they desire at a flat rate per month. With SVOD, there is far greater freedom to opt out, as consumers aren’t tied into a long-term contract. This offers greater flexibility to users, and providers of SVOD are continually challenged with retaining consumers, by providing exclusive new content, aggressive pricing schemes – and probably both.

What are S Buckets and how to configure in SetupOTT?

In SetupOTT, you can create S-buckets and configure the buckets to categories. The channels or resources which have configured S-bucket them are available under this category. So after that, you can assign the S-Buckets to products. So the users will get the channel or resources in the S-bucket if purchase the product.
Suppose I have created an S-bucket “S1” and configured the category “Sports” under SetupOTT Live TV. We have 3 types of products available “Trial”, “Bronze” and “Gold”. I have assigned the S-Bucket “S1” to the product “Trial” and “Gold”. I have added a Channel “Cricket Live” to the “Sports” category and selected S-Bucket as “S1”.

In this scenario, If a user purchases a “Trial” or “Gold” product, He can watch the channel “Cricket Live”. The channel is not available for the user who purchases the “Bronze” product.

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