How users can manage products via WebTV?

The users can manage the product and account settings through WebTV. The details are explained below. Login to WebTV using the username and password. Go to the My Products & Services section. Click the product name to manage. On the redirected page, You can see the product details. Click the […]

What is the SetupOTT WebTV module?

This module doesn’t provide any output in the WHMCS admin panel. If this module installed the users can access WebTV by login in as a client. The user or client can watch the contents and also modify the product settings using WebTV. How to watch the contents using SetupOTT WebTV? […]

How can I add a Secure Token enabled URL in SetupOTT?

If you want to add secure token enabled URL in SetupOTT then you need to create the tokens details in SetupOTT Secure Token section. After that you can add the token while adding a Live TV or other resources. Please follow the steps. Login to WHMCS admin panel. Click Addons […]

How to enable the Product Upgrade/Downgrade option?

If you want to allow clients to upgrade or downgrade their product then you have to enable this feature in SetupOTT. Follow the steps to the configuration, Login to WHMCS admin panel. Click the Settings Icon at the top right side of the window. Select the System Settings option. On the redirected page, Click Products/services option. […]

What is SetupOTT Feedback System?

You can add feedback templates to SetupOTT, So that the clients can log in to their account via WebTV and report the issue by selecting the template. Suppose if you have added a Feedback template for the audio issues then the client can report the issue by selecting the template […]

How to create a VoD Category?

Follow the steps to create categories for SetupOTT VoD, Log in to your WHMCS admin panel. Go to Addons. Select the SetupOTT VoD option. On the redirected page, Click Categories at the left side of the window. Click the green plus button to create a new category. Provide the required details. The options are explained […]

What is SetupOTT Messaging?

SetupOTT Messaging is a useful option to send notifications to your clients or viewers. Suppose if you have added a new movie in SetupOTT then you need to inform your clients that the movie is live in the application, So you can use SetupOTT Messaging. follow the steps, Login to […]

What is SetupOTT Device Management?

This option is used to manage the devices that are connected to the application. If a client report that they cant access the account from a device, so you can check the device using the MAC address and troubleshoot the device in this option. Also, you can track the activities […]

How to create a SetupOTT Radio?

This article explains, how to create a Radio in SetupOTT. Please follow the steps, 1. Login to WHMCS admin panel. 2. Click Addons and select SetupOTT Radio. 3. Click the green plus button to create a new radio. 4. Provide the required details on the redirected page, The options are […]

How to configure S-Buckets in SetupOTT VoD?

To configure S-Bucket in SetupOTT Live TV, please follow the steps Login to WHMCS admin panel. Select SetupOTT VoD. On the redirected page, select the S-Buckets option on the left side of the window. The available S-buckets are listed here. You can use the existing S-bucket or click the green plus button to create a […]