How users can manage products via WebTV?

The users can manage the product and account settings through WebTV. The details are explained below.

  • Login to WebTV using the username and password.
  • Go to the My Products & Services section.

  • Click the product name to manage.
  • On the redirected page, You can see the product details. Click the Manage option.

  • Some options are listed. The options are explained below.
    Login details: The login Username and Password listed here. You can use these credentials to log in to your application.

    Devices: The connected device details listed here. You can unlink, delete or add a new device.

    Child Lock: The User can set a Child lock password and add the title below. So the restriction will apply to the selected title. Also, the user can be restricted by the Maturity Level. The viewer in the restricted age category requires the PIN to view the content.

    App Settings: The user can set application settings such as Autoplay, Loop option, and preferred language.

    My Activate: The user can track all activities under this account here.

    Issue Reporting: The User can report an issue here. The administrator-added predefined feedback templates are listed here. So the user can select a title and send a matching template or the user can type the issue in the column. The issue will open as a ticket on the admin end and solve the issue.

    Feedback: The user can send feedback to the administrator. Select the Type from the list and specify the feedback in the column.

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