What is SetupOTT Device Management?

This option is used to manage the devices that are connected to the application. If a client report that they cant access the account from a device, so you can check the device using the MAC address and troubleshoot the device in this option. Also, you can track the activities of a specified device. Follow the steps to find this setting in SetupOTT.

  • Login to WHMCS admin panel.
  • Click Addons and select SetupOTT Device Mgmt.

  • On the redirected page, The connected devices are listed. You can find the MAC address, Client name, Service ID, Last event, Last seen, and status details.

  • Click the MAC address of the device the see the activities.
  • You can Unlink or Delete the device here.

  • If you want to list the devices connected to a specific account then click the client name.

  • Click the Products/Services tab and scroll down the page.

  • You can able to see the list of devices associated with this account. You can also delete the device from here if you want.

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