How to create a SetupOTT Radio?

This article explains, how to create a Radio in SetupOTT. Please follow the steps,

1. Login to WHMCS admin panel.

2. Click Addons and select SetupOTT Radio.

3. Click the green plus button to create a new radio.

4. Provide the required details on the redirected page, The options are explained below. The “*” specified columns are mandatory.

  • Name: Provide the Radio name.
  • Search Tags: This not a mandatory field. In this column, you can select radio-related keywords such as comedy, news, music, etc.
  • Category: This is a mandatory field. You need to select the Radio channel category from the drop-down menu.
  • S-Bucket: You can add this Radio to an S-Bucket. So this Radio only available for the product assigned to this bucket.
  • T-bucket: You can specify how many days or hours a user can rent or purchase this Radio at a specific price. So the user can pay the amount and watch the Radio for the specified days or hours.
  • Short Description: This a mandatory field. You need to specify a short description of the Radio channel.
  • Description: You can specify the detailed description of the Radio channel here. This is not a mandatory field.
  • Language: This is a mandatory field. Select the Radio channel language from the list. If the language not available in the list then you can click the “Add Language” option to add.
  • Maturity Rating: You can set the age restriction for the viewers.
  • Token Name: Select the token from the drop-down menu if the source URL contains the token.
  • URL: You can add the Radio channel source URL.
  • Upload Logo: You can upload the radio channel logo here. The aspect ratio of the logo image is 1:1 which is 1200*1200, 1600*1600, etc.

-> Content settings

This option is not mandatory. This option is mainly used for setting the radio channel visibility, that is you can set the radio channel availability here. Also, you can schedule the channel to be published for a specific date. The options are described below

  • Publish On: You can set the channel publishing date from the calendar. The channel will be available from that date. If you want to publish the channel immediately so you can leave this column empty.
  • Status: Select the status of the channel here. If you want to publish the channel so select the “Publish” option from the list.

-> Featured Item

If you want to highlight the radio channel at the top of the application then you can enable this feature. This feature is mainly used for highlighting the upcoming channel details. This is not a mandatory field. The options are explained below.

  • Featured Item: Put a tick mark on the column to enable this feature.
  • Schedule Start: Select a date to start the advertising.
  • Schedule Stop: Select a date to stop the advertising.
  • Banner Logo: You need to upload the banner logo. This logo will highlight in the application. The aspect ratio of the logo image is 2:75 to 2.85 which is 1200*480, 1600*570, etc.

  • Click the Save button to add the Radio.

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