How can I add a Secure Token enabled URL in SetupOTT?

If you want to add secure token enabled URL in SetupOTT then you need to create the tokens details in SetupOTT Secure Token section. After that you can add the token while adding a Live TV or other resources. Please follow the steps.

  • Login to WHMCS admin panel.
  • Click Addons and select SetupOTT Secure Token.

  • On the redirected page, Click the green plus button. Provide the required information. The options are explained below
    Provider Name: You can add the secure token name.
    Base Provider: Select the base provider from the drop-down menu.
    Secret Key: Add the secret key in this field.
    Expires: Add the token expiry time.
  • Click the Add button.

  • Go to SetupOTT Live TV/VoD/Music/Radio.
  • Click the Edit icon of the corresponding Channel or resource name.

  • Select the secure token in the field “Token Name” and click the Save button.

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