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Setup middleware and servers

At the outset, we set up your middleware, and depending on the plan we help you deploy the OTT application on cloud or on premises. This is the backend of your OTT platform where you manage customer and content metadata and more. All content streaming, content storage, and transcoding is managed by CDN such 5centsCDN or any CDN provider of your choice.

Customize the App

You can build your whitelabled OTT application in 40hrs using prebuilt templates. That's all it takes for our developers. You can choose the theme, content type, categories, and more. We provide a 100% customized OTT application that compliments the content that your subscribers stream.

Setup a Gateway & Subscription

We ensure effective monetization by configuring your preferred payment gateway, subscription, and billing management assistance. You can send automated subscription renewal emails along with access to analytics which helps you manage and increase your subscription.

Launch and Promote

With our time-to-launch averaging 7 days, SetupOTT platform solution is the fastest way to distribute your content to your own mobile and TV OTT apps. Apps publishing to regular updates- leave it on us!


Support and Maintenance

From the setup of your middleware to building of your application, our processes are guided by a yearly contract and incorporates an experienced support team facilitating the seamless user experience.
SetupOTT platform process allows you to seamlessly launch and manage content streaming apps for mobile devices and TV. Upload and roll out your content from Centralized CMS at one go. With no coding experience and freedom to personalize your apps’ you can quickly market your OTT at little effort! 
Supporting your streaming business and beyond!

Re-imagining IPTV/OTT middleware

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