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SetupOTT is an OTT/IPTV service provider that helps you create Apps, Support your content and Manage your customers, providing the best quality features.
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What we do?

SetupOTT helps create your own OTT platform both for mobile and web. We provide development, middleware, and Subscription management support to our customers to help them build and manage their OTT platform effectively.

our approach

We follow a customer-centric approach and provide our clients with Best In Industry services. For us, our client satisfaction and their content monetization are of utmost importance.

our team

We have a dedicated team of employees who are working around the clock to provide the best services. We offer 24*7 Customer support and maintenance assistance so that your employees are always happy and have access to high-quality digital content.

Our Network

We have a client network of around 1000+ clients across the globe. We ensure that they are satisfied with our services and provide them every possible assistance for a great OTT network.

Re-imagining IPTV/OTT middleware

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