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See how we are reimagining 
IPTV/OTT middleware application 

Live TV, VoD, Music, Radio and video configuration are just the beginning.

Live TV

Build your own OTT that provides TV platform with SetupOTT.


SetupOTT has you covered from supporting HD quality videos to huge storage.


Start your Audio OTT journey with SetupOTT. Start your free trial now.


Start your Podcast and Music OTT journey with SetupOTT. 
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Deploy to any platform

SetupOTT is built for every member of your OTT stack team to manage, administrate, and deliver content on various platforms. Launch Your Own OTT Platform and Apps; Samsung TV’s, Apple, Android OS, Sony Playstation and others.

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With our customized pricings you can either choose from a host of subscription combinations or create a custom subscription model for yourself. Click below to get started.
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Easy Integration with tools you already use

Customize your application with API, CDN, transcoding, and numerous other tools and applications.



Our Dedicated Server helps you handle huge amounts of traffic coming to your website or app avoiding any breakdowns or delays.

Streaming App

Setup OTT provides a complete OTT solution with live and on demand audio and video streaming applications for all devices.



Our services support all platforms including android, mac, fire TV and other. It will also support multiple devices including all Samsung, Apple, Sony and amazon manufactured mobile and TV’s.

Enhance at SetupOTT



Our Load Balancing technology setup helps you handle large amounts of incoming traffic and distribute it evenly across multiple servers for best streaming experience.

application program 

Our Application Programming Interface helps your application communicate with multiple other applications and hardware simultaneously.



We provide a customer support plan that enables you to communicate effectively and provide solutions to their grievances.

Re-imagining IPTV/OTT middleware

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