Middleware for your OTT Business

Enjoy Live TV, On Demand Audio and Video streaming with our best in class Middleware Services. 
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Track and manage your customer subscription

Provide the best content to your subscribers through our customized subscription and content management system.

Safe streaming experience

With our best in class security features prevent data breach and provide your subscribers with a safe streaming experience. With SetupOTT we offer VPN shield, Geo shield and Digital rights management to ensure the security of your customers.

Ease your Metadata

With SetupOTT you can implement a proper metadata management system in place, which helps to understand where the data for that attribute is coming from and how the data in the attribute was calculated. Load data into the attribute at your fingertips.

Manage your Invoices

SetupOTT middleware automatically generates invoices for recurring products and services in advance of the due date. You can configure Invoice reminders & notices for those reaching or passed due dates. Trying grouping products, services, addons into a single invoice falling on the same due date!

Re-imagining IPTV/OTT middleware

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