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Stream your content live without any lags with our best in Class Content Delivery Network.
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Stream your content live with our best Content Delivery Network.

3x Faster

Our well-distributed content delivery network and multiple server locations enable us to provide a seamless streaming experience.


With our dedicated servers, you get unlimited and uninterrupted streaming support from us with zero downtime.


Integrate your platform with hundreds of tools and custom applications.

A unique UI for extended control 
and great experience

At SetupOTT, user experience is important to us. With our Unique User Interface(UI), you get extended controls and a great experience at once. 

Live Transcoding

With live transcoding, we ensure that the end-users with all bandwidths get a great quality streaming experience. 

Traffic Director

Our traffic director ensures that the users get directed to the idle nodes for high performance and no downtime. 

Cloud Storage

We provide you with cloud storage for easy data access and uninterrupted streaming. 


DVR  enables you to stream live content uninterrupted. Users can stream live content easily from anywhere uninterrupted.


With SetupOTT video-on-demand services you get a great user experience, that enables video on demand services on your platform. 

VOD Transcoding

With VOD transcoding we ensure that the end-users have easy and lag-free access to content at all bitrates, and on different devices. 

Re-imagining IPTV/OTT middleware

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