Roku for your OTT platform

Are you someone who has heard about Roku for the first time? Have you heard a friend mention watching a movie or a show on Roku and wondered what is he/she talking about? Well, Roku is possibly one of the most famous streaming platforms in the market. If you’re new to this, you would have lots and lots of questions such as how does Roku work, is it a device or software and how can you get your own Roku platform? We are all aware of the fact that OTT is the future of the broadcasting industry and Roku is at the top of the list. So if you’re someone who creatures content or distributes it, launching a Roku channel can do wonders for your business. 

How does Roku OTT work?

Roku is rather a line of products that let the user stream any content on their television using the internet. The streaming players just need to be connected to your TV set and you’ll be all set to enjoy the high-grade streaming. It offers two options, you can either enjoy the limited free session or have access to their unlimited content by getting the subscription. Some might even argue that Roku is the most cost-effective and modern way to watch TV. 

The best thing about this device is that no matter which platform you pick i.e. Netflix, amazon prime, or HBO, Roku lets you watch whichever one you want. 

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content available on a platform? Well, how about being able to look for content based on a certain actor, director, or even a famous dialogue? Roku has got the solution to all your streaming needs. 

Roku and OTT platform 

The simple way of getting deeper into the technologies involving Roku and the content delivery on OTT platforms is to know about each one of these in detail, step by step. 

Modern advancements have paved the path for OTT (over the top) media services. These have now been opted for by large and small businesses that use their platforms to make certain content available to the end-users. 

SetupOTT assists OTT Business owners with technology Middleware and applications. 

With new ways to distribute content and consume it, users have seen a great shift in their overall broadcasting experience. The key factors that have contributed to the popularity of OTT platforms include:

SetupOTT plug play solution

Well, we remember the time when connecting a device to your computer or TV set used to be a headache. There were hundreds of installation steps and it really required you to be tech-savvy. However, with SetupOTT platforms brought to us by devices like Roku have made things extremely convenient and simple. They are just automatically recognized and begin to work as soon as connected to the TV set. If required, the system loads new drivers for the hardware and begins to work with the newly connected device on its own.

Low CAPEX & OPEX cost

The cost of your streaming can reduce to a great extent with modern technologies such as Roku. Capex is the funds used by a company to acquire, upgrade, or maintain physical assets. However, Opex means the day-to-day spendings. So if you’re an OTT business owner that provides a platform to end-users for content streaming, the expenditure will be minimized, thanks to one-stop-content-shop; Roku. 

Application Updates

Roku, just like any other streaming device or application, keeps making things better for its users. The new updated versions keep on coming with some bug fixing or new innovations or a feature. Maintenance is essential to keep things adaptable with connected devices. Such as the Roku application on iOS as well as Android needs to be compatible with the new devices and the upcoming features. 

UX/UI customization

What’s the first thing you see when you open any application or a website? The design of it, right? And the likeability of that app depends most on the fact that how easy to use yet comprehensive it is. User experience can make or break any such business hence these applications must be designed while keeping in mind the requirements and convenience of targeted audiences. The bottom line is that the platform should offer a lot of features while being uncomplicated and easy to use. 

Third-party API extension

Although the Roku OS could be considered somewhat limited when it comes to adding regular use Android apps, However, users have the full freedom to add third-party API or non-certified channels to their device. That can be done via a simple method. All you need to do is log into your account from any of the devices compatible with Roku.  

Apart from that, Roku offers many third-party free channels that you can easily access. Just install the specific channels via channel invitation code. It can also be done from the “Manage Account” option and then add the channel option. That way, you can have the best of both worlds i.e. official channels as well as private channels on your Roku. 

Custom feature implementation

No matter what device or technology we’re using when it comes to content consumption, we love to have the freedom to customize it. Roku offers exactly that. It is fully loaded with entertainment along with thousands of free and paid channels at your fingertips. You have the option to add channels to your home screen for quick access or move them from the home screen to a different location. You can change the theme and have an experience that’s more aligned with your mood. 

In-App purchase

There are so many options that the Roku offers when it comes to content and above that, you get to buy more streaming time, channels, themes, and whatnot within the app. You may have to pay a little extra to make these in-app purchases but what you get in return is worth each penny that you spend. 

Create Your Roku Channel

Jumping on this bandwagon is sensible because if you’re a business owner in the OTT industry, creating your own Roku channel can take things to the next level for your business. With over 32 million active monthly users, Roku has a reach that’s equivalent to the largest cable providers in the United States. It indicates that building a Roku channel can help you attract the audience and build a network that is impossible via any other traditional way.  

In a conclusion, the streaming industry is leaving behind all the traditional ways to opt for OTT platforms and Roku has enabled them to get a bigger reach than ever. So launch your OTT and enjoy the ride. 

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