OTT Platform as A Service

OTT platform as a Service (OPaaS) allows content owners to create, manage and stream audio and video content through their website. The platform will enable the content owners to monetize their websites. The main aim for any company offering OTT platform as a service is to gain multiple streams of revenue. The revenue models are based on the revenue sharing model adopted by the content owners. Many of the platforms can be managed through a single website, whereas some of the Paas platforms require the web hosting company to host the portal.

A big attraction for most of the businesses offering OTT platform as a Service is its ease of deployment. With a minimum technical knowledge, the companies can manage the platform themselves and also update the application with the latest asset management rules, customization rules and Meta tags. The asset management rules can specify which media should be monetized. The content owner can publish or restrict the types of media to be monetized.

The asset management systems provide a consistent, structured and controlled way of managing the multimedia content. The metadata attached to the videos, images etc., enables easy search and playback on the web site and it can be used by the search engine. This helps the website visitors who want to see a particular video or image, and also provides valuable business information to the website owners. The content owners can also use the metadata to provide accurate descriptions about the videos and images.

An important aspect of the new age asset management systems is that they can provide real time protection against illegal distribution of copyrighted material. The OTT platform as a Service is capable of protecting the copyrights from distribution channels that are not authorized. This feature of the software reduces the cost of litigation as the process of getting a court case started would be more time consuming as compared to a situation where a metadata system was not used. Moreover, if the company is using a commercial version factory then the content owners can have the final say as to what videos and images are displayed on their websites. A successful conclusion to any case would be facilitated by the data provided in the metadata.

Another important feature of the internet connectivity services offered by an OTT platform as a service is voice broadcast distribution. The company operates a telephony centre whereby any calls can be placed for marketing purposes. If a company operates a branch office across the country then it can add extra offices across the different states as well. When a call is made using the dedicated IP network it is automatically forwarded to the concerned branch office.

The OTT platform as a Service can be used for internet telephony applications. This application is useful for international calling needs of the company operate a branch office in multiple locations across the country. The internet connectivity services offered by the platform can help the company operates an efficient customer relationship management system. Any incoming calls can be forwarded to other departments using the dedicated IP data transmission services.

The OTT platform as a Service is useful for business processes such as customer accounting and customer management. The service can also be used for sales forecasting and can be used for customer self-service portal. Such a web-based application can be accessed from any device and viewed from any location. The company operates a fully managed communications infrastructure where it can easily handle the data transmission services. In addition, this data transmission services helps in reducing operational costs of the company.

The OTT platform as a Service is advantageous in multiple aspects. The company can use the service to manage its existing business processes or it can be used for new business processes that are required to be launched in a timely manner. The OTT platform as a Service is effective for small and medium-sized companies that do not have the resources to run a corporate network infrastructure. This enables the company to provide voice and data communication services to users at low cost. The platform also provides security to the users. It is designed in such a way that data and voice can be transmitted at the highest security levels.

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